How to target Facebook competitor's audience
3 Oct, 2021

How to target Facebook competitor’s audience

Facebook has possibly the most audience targeting options of any of the accessible advertising platforms. Steps by Step Approach You can target people based on simple criteria like region, gender, or age, as well as other Facebook-built categories and/or what Facebook refers to as “interests.” Additionally, you may upload a customer list, an email list, […]
Greek Lesson
9 Aug, 2021

How to Attract Customers: A Greek Lesson of Don’ts

Anyone following the news is hearing a lot about the Greek debt crisis. The point at which the country has arrived is a surreal situation. With the population retiring before the age of 50 and receiving a generous pension, above EU standards, low productivity, and an extremely swollen state (there are reports of public institutions […]
advertising channels
22 Jun, 2021
Real estate market
22 Jun, 2021
sell property
22 Jun, 2021

How to sell a financed property? Top tips and processes

Learning how to sell a financed property is one of the most interesting ways to get good deals in real estate. Although an already financed property has some more complex issues to watch out for, it can be a very interesting alternative for your future clients. However, in addition to respecting real estate ethics issues, you must also respect […]
properties for negatives
22 Jun, 2021

Financing of properties for negatives: alternatives and possibilities

Buying a home in paradise city is a dream of many people. However, saving money to pay for the property in cash is still a distant reality for most Brazilians. Thus, financing is one of the most accessible ways to realize that dream. But is it the negatives? The financing of properties for negatives is a recurring […]
exchange of properties
22 Jun, 2021
Tenant law
22 Jun, 2021

Tenant law: the tenant’s obligations and rights

When you rent a house or apartment , they are often not sure about the basic rules that you must follow, as well as those that the landlord must comply with. So, in order to have a balanced contractual relationship, it is necessary that the lessee and lessor know their duties and rights well, since the main difficulties […]
Dog in apartment
22 Jun, 2021