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4 truths about hiring real estate services

As in any other area, a real estate agent has the appropriate training and qualifications to provide security for both involved. Therefore, monitoring and intermediating the acquisition of the property can make everything easier and safer, however, it is important that you make sure about the credibility of the real estate before starting any relationship.

An unusual action, but of great importance to guarantee the success of your business is to know the real estate in which your property will be sold or purchased even at the beginning of the relationship and not just at the moment of closing.

It may seem simple, but knowing the structure of this company and its commitment to your need can change the direction of your negotiation, after all, a property is a high-value asset, and for that reason, knowing who is supporting you can do a big difference in the short, medium and long term.

advantages of hiring a real estate agent

I want to buy a property, how can I benefit from this partnership?

Advantages of hiring a real estate agent to buy a property

1 – Visits, visits and more visits!

As we said in other articles, the greater the number of properties that you are willing to know, the greater the chances of finding a property in your profile, that you will be satisfied with your choice. For this, the support of a real estate company is essential, after all, most of them have, in addition to an excellent mapping in their area of ​​operation, a large number of properties in the base.

In fact, it is worth remembering that many times, at the request of the owners themselves, there are some properties with excellent conditions that are not available on any website or sales portal and that only the responsible real estate agents can present them.

2 – Security

In the bureaucratic process, it is essential to thoroughly analyze the property and owners’ documentation as soon as the purchase condition is agreed and before any evolution to the signing of the contract.

Although the sale is announced, the final verification of the viability of the negotiation must certify that there is no restrictive situation to a safe sale, such as, for example, any impediment or even a debt of the owner that may fall on the property.

3 – Transparency and time savings

It is the responsibility of the real estate company, ensured by law and supervised by CRECI – the regulator of the profession, full transparency regarding the physical and legal situation of the property.

It is also their role to present opportunities that fit within their budget and negotiate with the owner the purchase condition that best fits their needs.

By the way, monitoring the real estate is essential to speed up the search, since the broker will target only the properties that are exactly within your profile.

4 – Additional Services

It is already possible to find in the market some real estate companies that use their good relationship with the main financial institutions to offer differentiated services in order to facilitate their search – credit approval, consortium and even dispatcher.

With these services, you will not only have the peace of mind and security of doing everything in one place, but you will also benefit from the support of a professional you already trust in the entire process.

Benefits of hiring a real estate agent to sell a property

Selling a property safely involves a lot of planning and experience factors that can contribute to increasing the chances of selling the property quickly.

1 – Security

It is not new today that investing in real estate has been an excellent option for expanding equity. Therefore, while it is possible to have real interest in your property, there is also a great risk of exposing you and your home to a complete stranger. The number of fraudsters waiting for inexperienced salespeople has been frequent.

Sell ​​property

2 – Adequacy to the Market

There are many criteria that involve the determination of the price of a property, requiring extreme knowledge of the responsible professional and of course, practice for accuracy.

Having the help of a specialized and experienced company in the neighborhood where your property is located can prevent you from having future disappointments and even surprises, such as wasting time with unnecessary expenses and demands due to the lack of customers, and especially that your property “helps to sell” others with the same profile, but cheaper (if yours is above the real selling price, the buyer will have the impression that the other is cheap).

In addition, a broker with a trained eye will be able to give you tips on how to make your home even more attractive in the eyes of the buyer and present it to people who adhere to the profile.

3 – Visibility

In addition to advertising on the real estate website, your property will also be included in the main real estate advertising portals in Belo Horizonte, with a well-defined sale price, the greater the visibility, the greater the chances of you making a good deal.

4 – Knowledge and Negotiation

Of course, you can have undeniable business skills and therefore feel safe to conduct your own trading. However, it must be clear that experience when closing a real estate deal is essential.

Despite the countless reasons presented in this article, negotiation is the most important when choosing whether or not to choose the support of a real estate company. Selling a property without the help of a specialist, you will receive many proposals from onlookers and speculators. A broker, on the other hand, is already used to recognizing and filtering the real interested parties in order to increase the sales possibilities.

In addition, there is an extensive checklist that needs to be checked to ensure the veracity and credibility of negotiating a property, such as checking the seller and buyer documentation and paying fees and taxes.

Whether you are an owner or a buyer, the opportunity to talk to the sales manager can also be very rich, in general, they are professionals with great baggage and who will be able to guide you in the best way if you have any questions and/or difficulties about the process.

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