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6 foolproof actions to find a property exactly on your profile

Thinking about it, Casa Mineira listed some fundamental tips for you to find the property exactly in the desired profile.

1- Do a good search on the internet

The Internet has many real estate offers and is a great ally in this initial stage. Don’t worry about finding the perfect property in the first few searches. Check the properties that interest you and build your list of options. Do not put in a search criterion, if in the middle of your search you have to include any property that has left you in doubt, add it without fear!

Then review this list, cut out the ones you feel you don’t really want, but keep several options. Remember that we are at the beginning of the search, don’t worry about getting it right!

The cool thing about this activity is that, when analyzing these first announcements, you will not only be able to better define your objective based on your investment expectation but also find that you will be able to purchase a property with characteristics superior to what you had originally planned.

On our website, making this search is very simple: just search for the properties and mark the desired ones as “Favorite”. See the images below. They will be registered for you to access when you want!

It is also worth noting that, however good the internet is for your search, or however reliable the photos on the website may be, the purchase decision will not take place here, being essential the face-to-face visit to the property. But, we will detail this later!

2- Choose the region you want to live in and list the reasons for your choice:

The choice of the region is one of the determining factors for your satisfaction with the chosen property, so it must go a little beyond “wanting”, exploring some important points.

Suppose you want to live in Santo Antônio, one of the most traditional neighborhoods in Belo Horizonte. You can (and recommend) “open the fan” and include some neighboring neighborhoods, such as Cidade Jardim, with quiet, tree-lined streets that share some of the main access roads. By doing this, you increase the possibility of finding a property with better characteristics than you would find if you were looking for just one neighborhood. And remember, don’t stick to just 1 or 2 neighborhoods, put more neighboring neighborhoods on your list and find out about the commerce, leisure and structure in that region. A great starting point is to study our page on the neighborhoods of Belo Horizonte. There you will find a complete dossier that can help you choose.

See what we have prepared about Cidade Jardim and Santo Antônio.

To make it easier, we suggest that you list what is a priority for you:

  • “Do I want to live close to my family?”
  • “Do I want to live near work?”
  • “Do I want to stay in a region with a lot of commerce?”
  • “Do I want to find a residential neighborhood with no noise?”

With this action, believe me, it will be much easier to identify the neighborhoods that meet the defined requirements.

3- List what the property of your dreams (be it an apartment, house or another type) must have and the reasons for each item

The perfect property is related to what you want, but make no mistake: it accompanies your moment of life. If you plan to have a child in the next year, it may be interesting to look for properties with 3 bedrooms or more (What if they are twins? Or maybe they will have more children in the future)!

If your interest is to build a home office, you should think about how it will be the reception of a person, the organization of your furniture and what equipment you should consider, in addition to the position that the computer will be in relation the light.

Again we recommend that you make a list of what really matters. A good tip is to classify in 4 groups:

  • What is essential?
  • What would I like to have but can I give it up?
  • What I would NOT like my property to have, but I can accept it if I like the property.
  • What should my property NOT have at all?

With these questions well defined, you will be much better prepared for the next action, which is to visit them!

Make your list and consider flexibility when visiting.

Property of dreams infallible tips on how to find

4- Visit several properties, even if they are not completely within your profile

They have not yet invented a better way to find the perfect property than by visiting it in person. And don’t expect to visit just 1 or 2 properties. Think about getting to know yourself as much as possible in the periods when it is available.

There is no exact average of the ideal number of visits that should be made, but our suggestion is that you get to know as many characteristics and styles as you can.

Even if there are properties that are not in your region of choice or that do not have all the features listed, it is worth visiting them for comparison or to at least be able to say firmly “this property is definitely not part of the My profile”.

When visiting the property, you can have clarity of information, in dimensions and can start to imagine yourself in it. This is the most important step for anyone who is committed to the idea of ​​finding their perfect property.

But do not be fooled, it is important to pay attention to some details: in a occupied property, the current furniture may appear to be bigger or smaller than it really is, after all, there are some decoration techniques that can easily change this perception, the same goes for an unoccupied property, which, even without furniture, may give rise to this same questioning. Therefore, if you encounter any of these situations, you must first of all imagine your own decoration, furniture, in short, the way you will use that space.

To be able to visit several properties, it is best to look for a broker and inform the lists that have been created, with a preview of what has been found. Casa Mineira brokers know each of the regions and the properties available in their base with specific information, being the easiest way to accumulate a large number of visits and knowledge.

5- Open your mind and heart to a property that enchanted you, even if outside your profile

Often, we are clear about what we want – but we are not “absolutely sure” what is best for ourselves, mainly because there are offers on the market with features that you may not know about – and that can enchant you right away!

For this reason, it is sometimes important to give in to what calls our attention at the moment, even if it has nothing to do with what we started out with. Believe me, this happens more often than we can calculate!

To exemplify, let’s imagine that your search is for a house in a closed condominium, but your broker finds an excellent apartment in Belvedere, in a quiet street and with a large hall.

You visit the property, and BINGO – love at first sight. How can this happen? It is possible for you to identify in that apartment some characteristics that you were looking for in a closed condominium, such as tranquility, comfort, security and that, in the end, were more important than the type of property itself!

Talk to experts and find a property in your profile.

6- Talk to an expert

Even with all these tips, it is important to have a professional to assist you in each step of the search for a property. For this, you can contact Casa Mineira. Your team will select a sales broker or rental consultant to assist you.

It is important to have a specialist in the real estate market not only in the search but in the entire process of acquiring or renting a property so that he can assist you with all the documentation, negotiation, contract, legal assistance, financing simulation or exchange, inspection and other market processes that require technical knowledge and great caution in order for you to really make a good deal.

Casa Mineira assists you in defining your profile, as the entire team makes daily visits and knows each of the properties they show to their customers. It will be a great pleasure to help you!

Finally, our purpose is that you understand that having a profile is important for a kick-start, but there are several properties of different profiles that can suit you perfectly and, in many cases, more than you imagined!

It is important to remember that these steps require willingness and availability from the interested party. However, once this is done, the next step is to close the negotiation, which, by the way, involves thorough checks of the documentation of its owners. So, count on Casa Mineira to do this whole process with total security.

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