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22 Jun, 2021
properties for negatives
22 Jun, 2021

Financing of properties for negatives: alternatives and possibilities

Buying a home in paradise city is a dream of many people. However, saving money to pay for the property in cash is still a distant reality for most Brazilians. Thus, financing is one of the most accessible ways to realize that dream. But is it the negatives? The financing of properties for negatives is a recurring […]
Tenant law
22 Jun, 2021

Tenant law: the tenant’s obligations and rights

When you rent a house or apartment , they are often not sure about the basic rules that you must follow, as well as those that the landlord must comply with. So, in order to have a balanced contractual relationship, it is necessary that the lessee and lessor know their duties and rights well, since the main difficulties […]
Dog in apartment
22 Jun, 2021
Own home
22 Jun, 2021

Own home: the complete guide to buying your first property in 2021

The dream of homeownership surrounds the imagination of most Brazilians. However, this transaction involves risks, a lot of planning and compromises the families’ budget for a long time. Therefore, it is very important to exercise caution throughout the process. The ideal is to plan financially, cut costs and if possible, save as much money as possible to […]
buy the first property
22 Jun, 2021

First property: how to choose the ideal and avoid mistakes

Buying the first property is an investment with a high monetary value and therefore should be taken seriously. Thus, several issues need to be evaluated, because in addition to the financial planning that this undertaking requires, it is necessary to know about the types of financing and rates of deed and registration of properties. In addition, it is important to […]
House with pool
22 Jun, 2021

House with pool: is it worth it?

The houses with swimming pools are part of the dream of many people, especially those who live in warm regions. Some choose to live on the beach, while others find the solution in a house with a pool. These properties, previously considered a very distant dream, exclusive to expensive and high-standard condominiums, have become an increasingly viable option, […]
Apartment vegetable garden
22 Jun, 2021

Apartment vegetable garden: how to do it and how to care for one

Having a vegetable garden in an apartment is a way to make the environment lighter and more beautiful, in addition to ensuring fresh vegetables always at hand, increasing the consumption of vegetables. Other than that, it is also a way to reduce the production of waste, as these products come in plastic packaging, consume pesticide-free food and save a […]
Income Tax
22 Jun, 2021

How to declare your property (financed, paid or rented) in Income Tax

When it comes to accountability to the Lion, many doubts arise. How to report on real estate, for example, is a big question for some people. But you need not worry, as this article will reveal how to declare a property in the Income Tax, highlighting the differences in the declaration of own properties (financed […]
buying property in 2020
22 Jun, 2021

Is it worth buying property in 2020? Find it out.

The beginning of the year brings with it the tendency to think about new things in our lives. Many end the previous year promising to change their lives in several aspects. Some promise to enter the gym, others promise to start a new job and some promise to buy a new car or a new […]