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House with pool: is it worth it?

The houses with swimming pools are part of the dream of many people, especially those who live in warm regions. Some choose to live on the beach, while others find the solution in a house with a pool. These properties, previously considered a very distant dream, exclusive to expensive and high-standard condominiums, have become an increasingly viable option, even in simpler and smaller houses.

Currently, the market offers several materials for the construction of swimming pools. They can be more affordable, like the fiber pool and the vinyl pool. However, although the value is an important point to be considered, it is necessary to take into account other aspects. Available space, maintenance of the pool and leisure area are points that must be analyzed.

In addition, the profile of the residents is also an important aspect. If you like events, hosting family and friends, organizing parties, or just practicing a water sport, having a house with a pool may be ideal. In addition, when you have resources for leisure at home, even if it is a vacation property or a house on the beach, you end up decreasing the need and frequency of trips to clubs and trips, for example.

Is it worth having a house with a pool?

Below, we have separated some points, between advantages and disadvantages that must be taken into account before deciding to build or acquire a house with a pool. Check out:


If you have a more homely lifestyle, which you like and usually call family and friends for a social, the pool is a good option, especially if it is combined with a gourmet space. However, if you like to go out more and you are not the type to have fun at home, you may end up using the pool very little, which does not make up for construction. In addition, it is important to remember that a swimming pool needs maintenance and, to compensate for this expenditure of time and money, the ideal is that it be used a lot.

Another point is if your family is associated with a club with a pool in the city. Because, in this case, it is common for children, or even parents, to prefer going to the club since it is possible to find company there.


One factor about the care of the pool is safety, a very important item especially when there are small children at home or pets. But, there is a solution to this problem. If this is the case, you can install safety nets in the pool area. This way, you will feel safer when the pool is not in use.


In the case of construction, if you have a good space with privacy in your home, it is possible to make the place more fun with a swimming pool. However, if the space is reduced, the construction of a swimming pool may not be feasible. However, some professionals have been developing projects that require less space for the construction of a swimming pool.

However, very small pools may not be as advantageous. So, if you have little space available, perhaps the best alternative is spa-type bathtubs, suitable for outdoor use. They heat the water, have an option for massage and are a solution for small spaces or homes that do not have children.

In addition to the space for the pool, it is necessary to have a place for machines and to store maintenance equipment, and a space for a bathroom.

Tip: building a swimming pool in winter can be faster and cheaper than in high season (summer). If you are thinking of having a house with a pool, the best thing to do is to take advantage of the cold season for construction. Thus, when the heat arrives, the leisure area will be ready, at your disposal.

Quality of life

A swimming pool provides fun and quality of life for the whole family. In a country like Brazil, with high temperatures, a dip or a sunbath helps to relax, improve health and contribute to physical and mental well-being. Having a pool at home is another way to get around and exercise regularly, as it is available 24 hours a day for you!

Property valuation 

A property with more leisure options, such as a swimming pool, barbecue area is more valued by the market. This considerably increases the value of the property. According to experts in the real estate industry, this valuation can be between 20% and 30%. For example: if the house without the pool is worth R $ 500 thousand, with the pool it will be worth, on average, R $ 125 thousand more, which is already more than its own cost. The pool is also seen as a decisive factor when closing deals, in 80% of cases.

The pool location is also a decorative element for the home. Combined with a good landscaping project, it is another point of appreciation for the property when selling it.


There are three main types of pools: concrete, vinyl and fiberglass. Still, there is the possibility of setting up a small beach, adding a heater and a whirlpool. Choosing the right type of pool for your family will determine construction and maintenance costs.

There are several options of size, format and technology, which are suitable for every type of environment, space and family budget. Therefore, there is no better swimming pool than another. Choose the alternative that best fits your profile and lifestyle.

The concrete pool and the fiberglass pool are the most resistant.

  • The concrete pool has a higher cost. The masonry and tile pools do not restrict size or shape, in addition to allowing decoration. However, it is important to choose good materials. Choosing the cheapest ones, with the least quality, can cause serious problems in the future. Badly finished joints and tiles can break or crack, causing leaks. Thus, spending is often greater than the initial investment.
  • The fiber pool does not allow for much customization. Due to the fact that the structure comes almost ready, it is necessary that the installation be done on-site. This type of pool is cheaper, has quick installation and is more resistant compared to the concrete pool.
  • The vinyl pool offers several possibilities. They are assembled on site and do not depend on size and shape. It requires a concrete base and does not require the use of tiles or tiles, as its covering is vinyl. Maintenance is quick and easy. However, the useful life of vinyl is eight to ten years, and it is necessary to change at the end of each period.

To choose the most suitable material, evaluate issues such as preference, budget and space. The best way to get it right is with the help of professionals. Thus, problems such as cracks and infiltrations are avoided. They may end up costing more in the future than hiring a team in the present. Either way, always opt for quality materials.

Cleaner and more hygienic

When you have a pool at home, you can safely know what type of water you are swimming in, whether it is clean and sanitized. This is because maintenance, cleaning and the flow of people using the pool are under your control, unlike beaches and public pools.


The maintenance of a house with a swimming pool may not be so simple, in addition to being costly. No wonder, it is a big concern for many when deciding whether it is worth having a house with a pool. A swimming pool requires electricity for filtration and circulation systems. In addition to chemicals to clean and treat water.

It is important to remember that emptying the pool compromises the structure. Therefore, there must be constant care throughout the year, not only in the seasons when the pool is used more. Water treatment should take place weekly. Also, it is important to always check the equipment to avoid headaches.

How to decorate a house with a pool?

Decorating a house with a swimming pool requires many important decisions to be made. This is because, in many cases, the decoration involves defined points during the work. With the discomfort that reform causes in the daily life of a family, try to avoid decisions that you may regret or that are difficult to undo.

Another important point concerns the installation of a heater. Having a swimming pool with heating is essential to use on colder days, in addition to being an interesting addendum. To save energy, there is the possibility to install solar energy panels. They help to heat the water without breaking your home bills.

Landscaping is one of the decoration options used in pool areas. It helps with the thermal sensation and even leaves the house with a more beautiful and well-decorated pool. Some architects have sought to integrate the living room with the garden and, consequently, the swimming pool. This also ensures good lighting and air circulation in the home. These points are important to ensure comfort. However, remember that this integration can increase the noise in the house.

House with pool: winter can be the ideal time for renovation

Some experts say that winter can be the ideal season to build a home pool. This is because, in the summer, there is a high demand for these projects. Consequently, during the colder seasons, buildings can be more affordable. This is because it is possible to find cheaper swimming pools and building materials. Designing a pool takes time, so starting your work in the winter can guarantee the space is ready for use in the summer.

In addition, winter has more favorable weather conditions for buildings. This is because, in Brazil, this season has dry weather and less chance of rain, especially in the southeastern region. This favors the speed of the work. Since a rainless period is necessary to ensure the mortar and grout quickly dry.

Care after construction of the pool

After buying a house with a pool or installing one in your home, some precautions are necessary. Architects and contractors reinforce the importance of keeping the pool always full. This ensures the preservation of the coating. In addition, from time to time, it is advisable to redo the joints to maintain waterproofing.

The cleanliness of your pool is also essential. It prevents clogging of the circulation and preservation system for pumps and heaters. In addition, this frequent cleaning avoids the possible breeding of insects and outbreaks of serious diseases such as dengue, for example. In houses with animals and children, it is also important to install protective fences.

Shared pool

In addition, there is still an alternative to having a pool close to you, viable for those who live in condominiums. The condominium pool is a form of leisure among family and friends. In addition, they take responsibility for cleaning and maintenance out of your hands. However, it is important to remember that some buildings restrict visitors from using the pool.

Once again it is necessary to assess whether a house with a pool is a viable option for you. So, review the above factors before making any decisions. Remember that there are two sides: the advantages and the disadvantages, which can be decisive factors.

Regardless of your choice of a house with a pool or not, it is important to have reliable real estate agents. Casa Mineira Imóveis offers a portfolio with dozens of houses and apartments for all styles and buyers. With years of experience in the real estate market, our portal offers search filters that make your search easier and more assertive.

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