How to target Facebook competitor's audience 3 Oct, 2021

How to target Facebook competitor’s audience

Facebook has possibly the most audience targeting options of any of the accessible advertising platforms.

Steps by Step Approach

  • You can target people based on simple criteria like region, gender, or age, as well as other Facebook-built categories and/or what Facebook refers to as “interests.”
  • Additionally, you may upload a customer list, an email list, or any other list you possess into Facebook and utilize it as an audience.
  • Sometimes the answers are helpful, and sometimes they aren’t. If the Facebook response does not help, go to the comment areas for this ad.
  • Look at the comments that say “I want this” or “I got this.” “How to buy” or similar phrases
  • In a new tab, right-click each person.
  • Click “more” and then “Likes” on each person’s timeline.
  • You will now see a list of pages that this user enjoys.
  • Find out what relevant interest your competition is employing in this situation. Copy and paste the name into the ad manager

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