Real estate marketing
22 Jun, 2021
buy the first property
22 Jun, 2021

First property: how to choose the ideal and avoid mistakes

Buying the first property is an investment with a high monetary value and therefore should be taken seriously. Thus, several issues need to be evaluated, because in addition to the financial planning that this undertaking requires, it is necessary to know about the types of financing and rates of deed and registration of properties. In addition, it is important to […]
real estate services
22 Jun, 2021

4 truths about hiring real estate services

As in any other area, a real estate agent has the appropriate training and qualifications to provide security for both involved. Therefore, monitoring and intermediating the acquisition of the property can make everything easier and safer, however, it is important that you make sure about the credibility of the real estate before starting any relationship. An unusual […]
House with pool
22 Jun, 2021

House with pool: is it worth it?

The houses with swimming pools are part of the dream of many people, especially those who live in warm regions. Some choose to live on the beach, while others find the solution in a house with a pool. These properties, previously considered a very distant dream, exclusive to expensive and high-standard condominiums, have become an increasingly viable option, […]
Real Estate Consortium
22 Jun, 2021
Apartment vegetable garden
22 Jun, 2021

Apartment vegetable garden: how to do it and how to care for one

Having a vegetable garden in an apartment is a way to make the environment lighter and more beautiful, in addition to ensuring fresh vegetables always at hand, increasing the consumption of vegetables. Other than that, it is also a way to reduce the production of waste, as these products come in plastic packaging, consume pesticide-free food and save a […]
property deed
22 Jun, 2021

Scripture: what it is, what is the importance and how to do it

The negotiation that involves the purchase and sale of the property is much more than just the two parties signing a contract. The deed of the property, for example, is extremely important on this occasion. In order for the entire process to be completed, it is essential that the parties have made a public deed […]
buying property in 2020
22 Jun, 2021

Is it worth buying property in 2020? Find it out.

The beginning of the year brings with it the tendency to think about new things in our lives. Many end the previous year promising to change their lives in several aspects. Some promise to enter the gym, others promise to start a new job and some promise to buy a new car or a new […]
Income Tax
22 Jun, 2021

How to declare your property (financed, paid or rented) in Income Tax

When it comes to accountability to the Lion, many doubts arise. How to report on real estate, for example, is a big question for some people. But you need not worry, as this article will reveal how to declare a property in the Income Tax, highlighting the differences in the declaration of own properties (financed […]
rent properties
22 Jun, 2021

Bail insurance: an option to rent properties without a guarantor

If you think about renting a property, you have probably heard about the possibility of having a guarantor, making shorts or so-called bail insurance, right? Among these three modalities, the latter has become an increasingly popular practice among residents, given its greater range of advantages when compared to the other two. But after all, what is a […]