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Real estate ads: What are the most effective advertising channels?

Making good real estate listings like park view city islamabad is no easy task. After all, there is no rule, much less a standard, to define whether an ad will work or not. And precisely because of that, the only way to get good ads that really generate sales for your real estate is: understand the subject in depth.

Creating real estate listings can’t just be protocol compliance to get this task out of the way. Creating real estate ads is one of the most important parts of a marketing strategy. After all, the ad will be a trigger that will make someone interested in knowing more or not about a certain product.

Therefore, Ville Imob will help you understand not only how to make an ad correctly from an aesthetic point of view. But also, let’s understand what the best dissemination channels are. So, keep reading and know everything about the topic.

Real Estate Ads – What are the best channels for advertising?

The best advertising channels for your real estate ads are those that directly reflect the target audience.

In other words, you cannot choose an advertising channel just because it is fashionable or new in the market. You need to choose the dissemination channels according to the profile of your potential customers. It is critical that you understand, first of all, where your audience is.

Otherwise, you can even create good ads. But if they are not shown in the place where the right audience is, they will not bring positive results. And worse, you may see the action as unpromising and forgo creative ads because it’s based on the wrong report.

Therefore, it the important of choosing your (or your) dissemination channels very well. Below are some of the main ones:

  • Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads;
  • Google Ads;
  • Partnerships with websites and blogs in the city;
  • Advertisements on paid and free real estate portals;
  • Offline channels on the street;

We’ll talk in detail about each of these channels for serving real estate ads from now on. So, keep reading.

Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads

Today, Facebook (which also owns Instagram) is one of the top social media platforms in the world. Even though there are other social media platforms emerging all the time, none of them has yet managed to build an asset as big as Facebook, which is the storage of data and people’s behaviour.

This volume of data generates tremendous wealth for the company, as advertisers have a fantastic data source to power up their ads. Yes: from Facebook Ads (which also involves Instagram), you can create ads for absolutely anyone who is a user of the platform.

Collected information and behavior data are great ways to target real estate ads. And so, you will be able to reach your target audience in an optimized and cheap way. Advertising a property on Instagram or Facebook Ads is today, one of the best ways to get to talk to the people you want to talk to.

Do lots of testing and find a targeting that makes sense for your strategy. In fact, test it out with Ville Imob’s Social Integration tool. You can export posts to major social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Then all you need to do is learn about Facebook Ads and supercharge your posts.

Google Ads

Just as Facebook Ads allows you to create numerous targets to make your real estate ads, so does Google Ads. ‘ But Google Ads is different and should be seen as a complement to Facebook Ads, or vice versa.

On Google Ads, you have the chance to buy positions on the first page of Google, so that your real estate agent will appear there when someone is looking for a property. In other words, if someone is looking for “property in SP”, you can buy this word (property in SP) so that when someone searches for it, your real estate ad appears.

This is a way to be in the right place at the right time. And this has incredible strategic weight within your outreach plan. After all, you will be joining a business with pleasure. And your chances of selling increase exponentially by doing this!

Partnerships with city websites and blogs

If there’s one thing that works really well from a marketing standpoint, it’s advertising to the right people. And within this context, real estate ads in local media have a lot of strength. In other words, if you are doing a real estate launch in an inner-city, for example, there is nothing better than advertising in local media, such as websites or city blogs, is there?

These platforms generally bring fantastic engagement, as they already have a lot of respect from the locals. In other words: there is a close and trusting relationship. Which makes your ads also have more weight?

In addition to websites or blogs, advertising on local radio is also an excellent alternative, especially if the city is small. In this case, local radios also offer gigantic strength.

Ads on paid and free real estate portals

Another way to make good real estate ads is using the famous real estate portals (whether they are paid or free). These are very niche places that concentrate an audience extremely interested in your product. After all, only those who have a real interest in closing some kind of deal – even if in the long term – access a real estate portal.

Therefore, consider this type of ad in your strategy. Also, test our integration tool with portals so that your work is easier and you can focus on the elaboration of strategies. With the tool, you will be able to integrate your properties with the main real estate portals in the country.

Leave the mechanics with an intelligent system.

Offline channels on the street

And finally, we can’t ignore or forget about them: offline channels in people’s “real” lives. In other words, it is very important that a portion of your creative ads for real estate agencies are, yes, in offline channels, such as billboards, banners, posters, newspaper ads, etc.

Depending on the marketing strategy you adopt, these channels can have a greater or lesser weight. It all depends on your target audience and also your persona. Always remember this when making decisions, ok?

How to make real estate ads that generate sales

So far, we understand the best places to create real estate listings. On these platforms and vehicles, you will certainly have a great potential to reach the people who really matter to your business. But at the same time, we need to understand how to make these ads, don’t we? In other words, what do your real estate listings need to really sell?

There is no recipe. But we recommend that you do lots and lots of tests. Otherwise, you might miss out on opportunities or simply understand that something doesn’t work – when in fact, it hasn’t been tested enough.

To help you, we’ve separated three important tips that are part of developing a good real estate listing. Look:

  • Always think about your target audience and persona (don’t advertise for yourself);
  • Create your ads within a larger campaign and with clear objectives;
  • Define the main channel (according to the audience) and don’t spread your actions too much;

We’ll talk about each of these items from now on. So, keep reading.

Always think about your target audience and persona (don’t advertise for yourself)

First of all, you need to understand that you necessarily need to think about your target audience to create good ads. Never think of yourself or your real estate agent for this. Because? Because the ads need to be read and understood by those people who really need to buy a property. Otherwise, your ads won’t take effect.

But what does it mean to think about the target audience and persona? Basically, you need to take into account several aspects related to these people’s consumer behaviour. That is, you necessarily need to understand your audience and write or produce what will make sense to them.

It’s no use creating ads with phrases or memes that are in fashion, if your target audience is not an audience that consumes this type of content. So, find a viable way to communicate.

Create your ads within a larger campaign with clear objectives

Here at Ville Imob, we’ve already talked about the importance of creating ads within a marketing strategy that can encompass a larger campaign. See Marketing Strategies for Real Estate. In other words, never make isolated or random ads.

It is critical that you make ads with a very clear purpose and purpose. Otherwise, you will have no basis for analysis and will not be able to draw good conclusions from the campaign.

When a marketing campaign is strategically thought through from start to finish, you will notice that making ads is just one of the principles. In other words: making ads is just one action, among many others that need to work together.

Define the main channel (according to the audience) and don’t overspray your actions

As with everything in life, the best results happen when there is a focus on actions. And with your real estate listings, the same is true. In other words, it is very important that you have a very clear focus for your marketing actions. Otherwise, the actions will be too pulverized and the results, too.

Find the best media for your target audience and allocate most of the actions in this media. For example, if your target audience doesn’t have Facebook or doesn’t use social media, it doesn’t make sense to create ads there, does it?

Always reflect this way.

Aesthetic and creative part – How to make real estate ads that go beyond art

But, and the aesthetic part, how is it?

Building ads that are aimed at your target audience is also important from an aesthetic point of view. After all, an ad needs to look good and it needs to be technically well written. Otherwise, it could become a landscape. In other words: just one more ad, among many others out there.

Here are some practical tips on how to make a beautiful real estate ad:

  • Choose a central message to work on the ads;
  • Beware of colour contrast;
  • The ad must have a beginning, a middle and an end;
  • Don’t forget to ask the prospect something – Call to Action;

Let’s talk about each of them from now on. Keep reading.

Choose a central message to work on ads

One of the most important things in an ad is the focus. That is, you cannot offer or ask for ten things at the same time to your target audience. You need to choose a core message and work on it.

For example, if you are selling a luxury property, focus on it. Do not want to “use the space” to talk about other properties, as this will not work.

Beware of colour contrast

Contrast is a very sensitive thing in real estate ads. It is very important that the text is legible and does not cause discomfort in people’s eyes. Therefore, always try to work with colours that are contrasting, so that one does not interfere with the other and thus cause discomfort when reading the ad.

The ad must have a beginning, middle, and end

Never forget the beginning, middle and end: this is what will make your real estate ad make sense. That is, it is very important to know where the main weights should go in and where the secondary weights should be. Beware of the information hierarchy.

What is your ad’s main message? It is she who should be in primary evidence. Do not try to focus on everything, as this can have the opposite effect: there will be no focus on anything.

With a complete and ready listing of your property on the vile Imob website, you can also integrate it on social networks with our real estate platform, visit our home and learn more.

Don’t forget to ask the prospect something – Call to action

Never forget to place calls to action in your ads. This is what will make your potential customer, in fact, make a decision.

In other words, finish the ad with a phone, an email, a website or any other way, asking the customer to contact, click, download, see more or whatever.

Count on Ville Imob to generate more sales for your real estate and good deals! Enjoy, click here and take a free trial and see how to boost your sales and property rentals.

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