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Real estate marketing: 10 tips to be more efficient in advertising and selling real estate

Today, many Brazilians have begun to realize the importance of investing. And, one of the most sought-after ways by them, is the purchase of real estate or land. Both due to the possibility of escaping rent, as well as selling and renting later, this has been the choice of many, also because it is a long-term investment.

As a consequence of this demand, there is an increase in real estate, construction companies and companies focused on this medium. And, as the segment grows, competition also increases.

Given this scenario of widespread competition, how to draw the attention of customers? The best solution is real estate marketing and we’ll show you why. But first, you need to know what this is about.

What is real estate marketing?

Marketing aims to win and retain customers. For this, it seeks to generate value on a brand, service or product. The marketing strategies are numerous and among its characteristics is the attraction of possible customers. Likewise, real estate marketing seeks to know what its customers want and need, seeking to transform the shopping experience into something interesting.

Therefore, for real estate marketing, the relationship with customers is essential.

Why is the relationship with the public so important?

When we talk about real estate marketing, we can also talk about relationship marketing. This strategy has as its main objective customer loyalty and, therefore, seeks its satisfaction. Likewise, the real estate business also revolves around this. Maintaining a good relationship with your audience is important to gain customers, mainly due to three factors:

1) Competition is big and strong

We talked early on about how this segment has grown and has been sought after by hundreds of people every day. It is no wonder that, as a consequence, competition has become as big and strong as it is today. Given this fact, why would a customer choose your company and not any other? Everything will depend on your differential and the success of your real estate marketing plan.

Faced with so many options, news and alternatives, the relationship with your customer and the trust that must be established between you is bigger and more important than ever. It is necessary to strive to gain the preference of a buyer.

2) Investment, in general, is quite high

Not everyone can buy a property today. As this is an important investment, which will make a big difference in the client’s life, he will research and seek guarantees and the best he can find. In addition, he will look for differentials, and one of them is the relationship with the company and with the professionals involved. On the other hand, if problems arise in the middle of a negotiation, for example, and depending on the problem, the customer may give up on the purchase.

3) Buying a property involves life goals

In addition to being an important investment, we must remember that, in general, the purchase of a property also involves emotional issues. It is the house your client has saved for years, it is the first apartment where a newlywed couple will move in, it is the retirement home for two gentlemen and so many other possibilities.

Regardless of your client’s situation, you can see how important it is for real estate marketing to invest in this good relationship.

10 tips to make a successful real estate marketing

1) Prepare your site for conversion

Nowadays, it is very difficult to have a successful business that doesn’t have its website on the internet. But, it is increasingly clear that it is not only necessary to have a website up and running, but also to prepare it for conversion, that is, convert visitors into leads (potential customers) and, later, convert leads into customers.

For this to happen, your website needs to have simple and objective navigation, without pages full of content and information, as this ends up producing the opposite effect and taking the user’s attention to what matters most: contact with the real estate agency. In addition, the sites need to be adapted for mobile devices, after all many people will access your address by their cell phones.

The website must have content designed to draw the attention of the internet user, resolve their doubts and make them close a partnership with their real estate company.

2) Be an authority on the subject

Whoever wants to buy a property, land or enterprise, is aware that this is a big step and that they must research a lot before choosing their real estate. The buyer will then seek to clear up any doubts they have, and will do so online. And that’s exactly where your company comes in, as someone with authority on the subject, providing relevant content. Among the most common materials you can produce are:

  • types of properties according to the profile of each client ;
  • tips to help choose the best location for a property;
  • clarification on taxes , documentation and other questions.

But, don’t get attached to just those themes; explore other possibilities. That’s what brings us to the next tip.

3) Invest in audiovisual

In addition to the traditional texts, you can also produce videos, images, podcasts and infographics and to diversify into the types of posts. Good quality content should be a milestone in real estate marketing, as these formats help to engage and inform your persona, which can contribute to selling more properties.

It is not for nothing that many advertisements bet on audiovisual. Images and videos establish emotional connections and help in the perception of the messages transmitted.

4) Inbound method in the sales process

The inbound marketing method makes it possible to generate value right at the first contact, making the person, in addition to being a customer, a defender of your brand.

Inbound marketing has four steps:

  1. attracts visitors to your address (website, blog, etc.);
  2. convert visitors into leads and then leads into customers;
  3. closes sales;
  4. turns customers into brand promoters and advocates.

This methodology guarantees the success of your real estate marketing plan, making the property sales process much more efficient.

5) Be present on social networks

Social networks have been important allies for marketing, and real estate marketing is no different.

At this point, it is not enough to just share content produced on your blog, it is necessary to produce specific content for each social network. It is also important not only to be present but also to be present on the networks. Have a differential and become something to be remembered and not just another brand.

The best way to deal with social networks is not talking about the advantages of your products/services, but about subjects that are of interest to your audience, seeking to create discussions around them.

6) Think like your audience

Drop thinking as a company a little bit, and start thinking like your target audience. What would you like to know if you were looking to buy a property? It may seem simple, but knowing that makes all the difference when producing campaigns or defining the tactics you will use.

Have you heard, for example, of virtual reality marketing? This is a trend used to replace face-to-face visits, allowing you to present your finished properties in a much more immersive and practical way, saving time on both sides. And it is not such an expensive resource. With the advancement of technology, it is now possible to make several models available at a low cost.

7) Form a program of recommendations

In any type of marketing, “word of mouth” is an excellent way to retain customers. Word of mouth marketing is when people talk about their experiences related to your brand, products or services. Creating a good referral program that facilitates and even rewards your customers for making referrals can be great for your real estate marketing plan.

Recalling that, currently, one of the main characteristics that consumers take into account when choosing a brand, is what other consumers are talking about. So invest in your client and enable him to have great experiences. In case of problems, always try to solve them and guarantee customer satisfaction.

8) Analyze your results

Given all these tips, it is still necessary to analyze the results to know if your strategies are having an effect. Establish your analysis from time to time and periodically.

Through systems, such as Google Analytics, and even the tools of the social networks themselves, such as Facebook and Instagram, it is possible to measure the engagement of your audience. Analyze points like the number of people, how they have interacted and how long they stay on your pages. Such data is very important to know what should continue to be done and what strategies need to be modified.

Select which metric is best for your business and observe long enough to make accurate conclusions.

9) Review your strategy and always try to evolve!

After collecting the data in the analysis step, it is time to review your strategies. Identify strengths and weaknesses and decide what to do with them.

The intention is always to evolve, never to go back or stagnate. In addition, over time, it will become easier to understand your customers’ needs and you will improve your efforts to satisfy them.

As a result, you will always have a strong company, which evolves every day, little by little, and does the best you can with your real estate marketing plan.

10) Use real estate platforms

Currently, there are several options for portals and real estate platforms that enable the purchase and sale of real estate. In addition, the options are designed to directly connect companies and customers.

Such portals attract a lot of customer attention and have a lot of traffic from people who are already looking to buy real estate, in addition to having very useful tools and being easy to use.

One of the largest sites in the segment is Casa Mineira, an advertising portal for one real estate company for others. Among our biggest differentials, which attract new real estate agents every day, is the fact that we only work with real estate agents, not accepting advertisements from direct owners. After all, it is not by chance that we are the real estate company that sells the most finished properties in Brazil!

4ps of real estate marketing

Many think that real estate marketing is linked only to ways to advertise real estate, land or developments. Despite being part of it, it is not only that. In the understanding of marketing, the so-called 4ps are taken into account: product, price, point of sale and promotion. Thus, we see that it is important not only the promotion of the product but also all aspects that involve the sale. So, we are talking about the 4ps of real estate marketing, which would be:

Product: everything related to the property, land or enterprise. Includes location, infrastructure, architecture and accessibility;

Price: the value must be fair, be in line with the market and be accessible to customers. In addition, real estate marketing takes into account the fact that the amount that the buyer is willing to pay is related to benefits that can accompany him throughout his life, in addition to the return that he intends with the investment;

Point of sale: the point of sale is not where your real estate agent is, it is where the products available are. The variation in locations is what gives the buyer options;

Promotion: Promotion is about promoting your product/service. Here, one must think about the audience that one wants to reach and how it will be done. After thinking about the public and the forms of disclosure, it is time to create campaigns and advertisements that correspond to the disclosure needs.


Many real estate agents do not realize how widespread real estate marketing is. It is not just about selling more properties, it is about winning new customers who will be possible buyers in the future. But, having all these concepts and tips in mind, the chance of increasing your sales and expanding your business will be much greater!

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