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Realtor Logo – Discover How to Make a Creative Logo

Creating a realtor logo is fundamental to becoming a professional in the market and, thus, passing on credibility.

Even though creating a realtor brand is a creative job and involves some techniques that you can’t learn overnight, it’s possible that you’ll start to sketch your identity today.

That’s why, in this article, Ville Imob will help you understand a little more about how a realtor’s logo is important for you to gain more customers.

But, more than that: let’s understand how to make a creative logo that can be used in different places.

So, grab your coffee, a pen and a paper to write down the tips and follow the step by step below!

Realtor Logo – Learn How to Make a Creative Brand

To make a realtor logo, you will need to consider some technical steps and other creative steps.

The process of developing a brand is often time-consuming. Even though the world’s big brands are visually quite simple (like Nike or Apple), know that it’s not always easy to get these results.

Simplicity cannot be confused with simplicity. After all, getting simple involves a lot of work and dedication. And believe me: even if you’re not creative, you can think or start creating your logo!

Creativity is, in most cases, 90% perspiration and only 10% inspiration. In other words, putting your hands dirty, thinking, researching, doodling, erasing and starting over, is what will make your brand be created.

But do not worry. Let’s understand the step-by-step from now on. Here’s what we’re going to learn:

  1. Understand your target audience and also your differential in the market;
  2. Research the competition to know what to avoid;
  3. Look for references for inspiration outside the real estate area;
  4. Put your ideas down on paper and try to find meaning for them;
  5. The first model is almost never the best model;
  6. Use legible typography in various sizes of reduction;
  7. The realtor logo needs to be easy to apply on multiple surfaces;

We will detail each step from now on. So, keep reading the article to get deeper into the subject and start creating your realtor logo today! Follow up.

Understand your target audience and also your market differential

Your realtor logo cannot start from the graphic part.

In other words, you can’t just start designing or thinking about how your brand will be, without considering something very important for that: your differential and your target audience.

To understand this more practically, think about the following: a person’s identity document is what differentiates them from another person, right?

Well, from the point of view of visual identity, the same happens. The visual identity of your real estate company or even your service provision needs to be unique and match your work and target audience.

This is important to create connections and generate approximations and, thus, be able to differentiate.

If you simply create a logo that is similar to all other logos in the market and the competition, chances are good that your work will be considered “just another one”.

Therefore, seek to understand who your target audience is, build an identity that makes sense to generate connections with them and also consider your differentials for the creative process.

For example, if you serve a target audience that only buys luxury homes, an elegant brand with classic typography, with a gold or black color, will be better than creating a colorful brand with fancy typography.

Understanding your target audience makes a huge difference in results!

Research the competition to know what to avoid

Another very important tip for creating a realtor logo is knowing what to avoid.

Simply by knowing what not to do, you are already on an interesting path to making a good logo.

To do this, research your competition to understand how they make their logos. And all those patterns you come across along the way, try to avoid. Or, minimally, do them differently.

Avoid elements that are cliché and that do not reflect any type of difference in your work.

Ideally, you have a brand that can break visual patterns and thus stand out. Otherwise, it’s just another realtor logo.

Competitive research needs to be done in a rational way. Look for the logos of those professionals or real estate agencies that are in your area of ​​expertise. In addition, also search at the Brazilian level.

Understand how big brokers and real estate companies work their brands so you can follow a different path.

Look for references for inspiration outside the real estate area

In addition to looking for references of what not to do within the real estate area, you will need to look for references for inspiration outside of it.

In other words, do technical research to look for references that are not necessarily related to the real estate industry.

You can often come up with great ideas with references far away from your “square”.

This type of research serves both to generate creativity and to understand how communication is in general in large, medium and small companies.

But, mind you: this type of search is not about finding patterns to copy. But yes, to look for patterns and use them as a reference.

Good ideas come from situations that generate good triggers. Remember this!

One tip so that you can have more time to research and look for interesting references is to delegate your day-to-day functions to a real estate management system.

For example, with Ville Imo’s systems, you’ll be able to organize your day-to-day work, choose the right priorities and keep the entire organization in the Cloud.

That way, you gain time to come up with good and creative ideas, without having to rush through them.

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Put your ideas down on paper and try to find meaning for them

An idea in your head is not worth much if you don’t get it out.

This holds true in many situations, but especially in realtor logo creation situations.

So put your ideas down on paper. Write them down, make your sketches (even if poorly done) and get the ideas out of your head.

This will be essential for you to be able to “perceive” the work and, thus, you can have even more ideas. After all, one idea always leads to another.

Also, putting ideas into practice helps you not to forget about them. Yes, many times we can just forget that “good idea” we had when we had our head on the pillow.

Forgetting occurs because our brain didn’t have any triggers to understand that the idea was important.

And a good trigger to make him remember is: write down, draw, write, scribble.

Put your realtor logo idea down on paper, regardless of whether or not it’s the best idea.

The first model is almost never the best model.

Just as you’ll need to put all your logo ideas down on paper, it’s important to understand that not always the first (or first) ideas will be the best ones.

The creative process, as we understood earlier, is not a process that involves only inspiration.

In other words, the best ideas don’t come from a moment of inspiration. But yes, from a moment of perspiration. Perspiration will help create moments of inspiration.

So don’t be in a hurry: your best realtor logo version probably won’t be the first version.

So, don’t be afraid to test, take chances, put your ideas down on paper. The more you practice, the better the results.

However, it’s important that you also understand the following: at some point, you need to finish the job. That is, finish it.

Spending too much time working on your personal brand is not a good way to go.

Perfectionism is very harmful to the project because if you don’t finish it, you will always have the feeling that “something is missing”.

Use legible typographies in various reduction sizes

This is a technical tip that needs to be considered so that your realtor logo can be used in a variety of applications: beware of typography size!

Always think that you are making a mark to be used in multiple places. Although it is a personal brand, it is not just made to satisfy the broker.

Make reduction tests so you don’t have trouble applying the logo in several different sizes.

For example, if you attend an event and have to put your logo on a banner or promotional material, the logo will need to be flexible in order to be readable.

Therefore, make size tests before finalizing it. Print multiple versions of different sizes and see how much the logo can be reduced – and never use it in smaller reductions than the test done.

The realtor logo needs to be easy to apply on multiple surfaces

Another technical tip is: always make your logo with an easy application for various types of surfaces.

Avoid too much light, shadow, glare, reliefs and other “effects” that make application difficult. Your logo needs to be simple to apply, with few elements and plenty of readability.

Also, consider creating a black and white version of the brand so you have flexibility in applications.

The importance of hiring an experienced designer for the project

All these tips on how to create a realtor logo will help you create a fantastic and great brand to be used on a daily basis.

However, always consider hiring a professional and experienced designer to carry out the project. This professional will be able to perform all the steps mentioned above and deliver a fantastic result for your needs.

Even though you can start designing your brand, it’s a good idea to consult an expert so that you can get technical approval for the work.

This way, you will have time to think about other strategies for your business, such as attracting new properties and generating sales.

And speaking of delegating, it’s worth considering delegating other day-to-day functions. The Ville Imob offers fantastic tools for brokers to gain time, such as:

  • Real Estate CRM;
  • Real Estate Software;
  • Social integration to export real estate to social media;
  • Integration with the main real estate portals in Brazil;
  • Creation of real estate websites;
  • And several other tools.

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Tools to Create a Realtor Logo – See Some Tips

Another very interesting way to create a real estate brand is through some of these tools below. They are great for creating a logo quickly.



The Canva is an online creation platform that lets you create various arts for their marketing strategies. And besides, you can also create your logo there.

Design Evo

The Design Evo is a platform specializing in creating online logos. You can choose fonts, cuts, vectors and other icons to compose your brand.

Log aster

And finally, you can still test Log aster. It’s also great for those looking to make a brand online quickly and with a few clicks.

Will only the realtor logo make your sales soar?

Unfortunately, just the best logo for realtors won’t increase sales. The logo helps, but that’s not all.

To increase your sales, in addition to good strategies, you will need the help of systems that can optimize your day-to-day, so that you can focus on what will bring new customers.

Ville Imob offers practical, safe and reliable solutions for you to increase your revenue.

Have everything from an optimized management system to a real estate CRM system to build relationships with your customers and potential customers.

With over 3200 active customers and 12 years in the market, Ville Imob helps you to compete strategically in the market. Click here to learn about our solutions and count on us to do good business!

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